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Cabaret variety program as a tribute to the Berlin actor and comedian Erich Carow, his wife Lucie and Fredy Sieg. It all started with Carow's laughing stage. It was located in the former beer tunnel of the Walhalla Theater in Berlin-Mitte and was opened by Erich Carow and his wife Lucie in 1927. Well-known artists of the time such as Fredy Sieg and even Charlie Chaplin performed in this cabaret stage.

Zimmer 16 von außen
Zimmer 16 von außen © tic / Uwe Precht

During a bombing raid in November 1943, the Valhalla Theater and Carow's Laughing Stage were completely destroyed. For a while it became quiet around Erich and Lucie Carow. After the war, Fredy Sieg was again successful at the Friedrichstadtpalast. In 1955, two years after Lucie Carow's death, Erich Carow took over the excursion restaurant Haus Gatow am See, which was located in the former manor house of the Lehnschulzengut in Gatow.

Erich had a new garden hall added and henceforth called it Haus Carow am See. Among others, the folk actress and cabaret artist Brigitte Mira and the actor Harald Juhnke performed here. Fredy Sieg was also involved again. However, Erich Carow could not enjoy his comeback in Berlin-Gatow for long. He died of a heart attack in 1956 at the age of 62. Under the direction of his niece, Ursula Storch, the Varieté continued to be very well received for a long time.

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