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The Hauptmannn from Köpenick - from prisoner to legend

permanent exhibition

Shortly after its inauguration, the Köpenick Town Hall - built between 1901 and 1904 according to the plans of Hugo Kinzer and Hans Schütte - is world-famous almost overnight.

The reason: the 57-year-old unemployed shoemaker, Wilhelm Voigt, arrested Georg Langerhans, the mayor of Georg Langerhans, to take possession of the city treasury on 16 October 1906 in a former man's uniform, acquired on the flea market.


Rathaus Köpenick(Rathaushof)

Alt-Köpenick 21 12555 Berlin

Although Voigt himself is later arrested, the play "The Captain of Köpenick" by Carl Zuckmayer allows the figure to enter into the repertoire of Berlin types. Taking advantage of the Prussian "carcass obedience", he sat down with his pompous overthrows on the then-degenerate muddle and the prevailing subjects. Since that time, a pile-up, in which obedience has been made by order, Köpenickiade. On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of this Köpenickiade, the permanent exhibition "The Captain von Köpenick - From Convict to Legend" was opened in the checkout area of the town hall Köpenick. For the first time the story of Wilhelm Voigt is told in its social context. Why was he punished? Why did not he get a new chance after his imprisonment? The cinematic and literary review of the history is also illuminated. In addition, Voigts self-marketing also plays a role: with record recordings and performances itself contributed to the fact that the Köpenickiade became world-famous. This also includes the central message, namely to make Prussian militarism and the authority culture ridiculous.

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