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In her award-winning solo performance, choreographer and director Teresa Vittucci encounters one of the most important and formative female figures in Judeo-Christian societies: the Virgin Mary.

Full of humor and great curiosity, Vittucci unravels the queer potential of this icon, who embodies the compassionate woman and grieving mother and is culturally considered the epitome of purity, innocence and perfection.

In her play, Vittucci embarks on a crusade of vulnerability to rehabilitate the matriarch Maria as a powerful heroine and ambassador of queer feminism.

An examination of the Virgin Mary must - as the name suggests - inevitably begin with first deconstructing her virginity. Before one can approach Mary as a person and personality with touching characteristics such as her vulnerability, mercy and love - which ultimately contain the feminist and agitating moment of an ideal social contract - it is important to question this greatest of all attributions: her supposedly intact body.

Teresa Vittucci investigates the hymen: the hymen is the symbol of chastity and reserve that is intended to preserve and prove it. Hate me, Tender reveals: The hymen is a regulatory construct that has a shockingly broad validity in the discourse of female sexuality. Vittucci's performance will overthrow that notion.

The solo, awarded the Swiss Dance Award and the PREMIO Young Talent Prize, has been seen at numerous festivals and theaters across Europe since 2019 and is the first part of Teresa Vittucci's trilogy in praise of vulnerability. After the duet Doom, created in 2021, the third and final part of the trilogy will premiere at the Tanzhaus Zurich in March 2024.

At the Deutsches Theater Berlin, Teresa Vittucci will re-examine this first part with Hate me, Tender_ Revisited and update it for the box set.

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