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Choosing the right songs can often be crucial and everyone has their own playlist. One is reminded of wonderful experiences that are inextricably linked to this one title. It is precisely at this one point that you absolutely have to sing along, the next piece traditionally brings tears to your eyes.


The five members of Harmonic Brass have put together their personal favorite pieces in their Playlist program. Every work tells a story. A sounding panopticon of the harmonic brass past.

Since 1991, the ensemble has been providing great, elegant brass sound around the world. Tours have taken the quintet throughout Europe, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, South America and South Africa. The ensemble's discography comprises almost 40 CDs. Playlist provides a deep insight into the dazzling past of the five exceptional artists and is at the same time a beautiful, heartfelt selection of works.

The concert is a promenade concert and accordingly there are no seats.

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Price: €25.00

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