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The deaf sign language poets Rafael-Evitan Grombelka and Kassandra Wedel are part of the anthology hand-picked, which was published in 2023, and will be performing this evening in the House for Poetry.

The translations come from the hearing poets Tim Holland and Lea Schneider. In a conversation with Franziska Winkler, the four artists provide an insight into writing poetry in sign language and the collaborative translation process.

The volume was awarded a publishing bonus by the Free State of Bavaria and landed on the hotlist of books of the year from independent publishers in 2023.

The event will take place in German spoken and sign language and will be interpreted.

In reading, performance and conversation: Rafael-Evitan Grombelka | Tim Holland | Leah Schneider | Cassandra Wedel

Moderation: Franziska Winkler

(Program in German)
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