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Ruth Bernhard, Sim Cha Chi, Rafael Cidoncha, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Alexandra Duprez, Veronika Holcová, Olivier Richon, Antanas Sutkus, Sandy Volz

People grab, touch, knead, feel, touch. The current exhibition "Hands and what they mean" only shows works in which the hand is the central motif. Representations from photography, painting, drawing and sculpture are presented, which illuminate different ways of working and acting.

The sphere that becomes a work of art through the hand holding it (Daniel Gustav Cramer), attention-demanding hands while conducting (Ruth Bernhard), the intimate connection between the hand of mother and child (Antanas Sutkus), the hand and its proximity to death (Olivier Richon), hands entwined in battle (Sandy Volz), the hand as playful decoration (Alexandra Duprez), hands in mourning and pain (Sim Cha Chi) or as a carrier of sensuality and mystery (Rafa El Cidoncha).
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