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Shakespeare's Hamlet is one of the best-known classics in world literature and shows that ambivalence can hardly be escaped. Everyone strives to be clear in their thoughts and actions, but with so many options, it's hard to see just one side of the coin. Hamlet embodies this inner conflict that many carry within themselves. Enduring the ambivalence is a great human challenge that people have to face every day.

Why is it hard to stay true to yourself? And is it worthwhile to insist on your principles? People struggle with decisions, are torn inside. They stand between the chairs, whether they want it or not. Can you stand the tension or make you sick? And do people really adapt their actions to their thoughts, or is it rather the other way around?

The ensemble of the scattered is an intercultural theater group and deals with exactly this topic in the current production. After the group has brought topics such as racism, resilience and the diverse aspects of relationships to the stage in a critical, entertaining, funny and always very personal way over the past five years, they want to venture into a classic drama for the first time. In view of the daily internal and external tensions, Hamlet seemed to them to be their drama figure of the hour! Until the first doubts arose and they had to ask themselves: What does Hamlet have to do with them again?
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