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Hagen Rether - the gifted cabaret artist is on tour with his program "Love". At a time of turmoil, injustice and unrest, the Bucharest-born artist presents a plea for compassion and rethinking from all of us.

The multi-talented pianist Hagen Rether offers an impressive, constantly evolving and intense live program in “Love”, celebrated for his intelligent and astute observations.

After growing up in Romania, Rether moved to Freiburg im Breisgau and worked for a while as a pianist with cabaret artist Ludger Stratmann (“Stratmanns – Jupps Kneipentheater im Pott”). Hagen Rether is known for his political cabaret, dealing with issues such as religion, globalization and the mass media. The sharp-tongued artist deals with the Pope, increasing Islamophobia and global factory farming. The cabaret artist does not perform live without his distinctive black grand piano, which Rether cleans with a cloth.

Hagen Rether has already been seen several times on German television, for example on "Midnight Peaks", "News from the Institution" and the "Satire Summit". Rether has also received numerous prizes, such as the German cabaret prize in the cabaret category, the German cabaret prize and the Swiss Cornichon prize. Hagen Rether has been enjoying great success with "Love" since 2003, and now the cabaret artist is on tour with what is now the sixth edition of his permanent programme. Hagen Rether offers political music cabaret at the highest level with his live program "Love".

(Program in German)

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