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Bringing some exercise to the garden (and lunch break) this summer. Why? Because exercise is good for you, puts you in a good mood and keeps you fit. And because the Bad Garten river is simply great for getting together in a variety of ways - including a sporty one.

With "Gymnastik mit Spree(kanal)blick" Britta Kerger offers monthly gymnastics in the Bad Garten river every last Thursday during the lunch break from May. Level: Mobility.

Britta is a state-certified sports and gymnastics teacher with a focus on dance and one-legged on the ball! In addition to her work as a freelance dance performer and the production of her own dance performances, she is also involved as a trainer for Stadtbewegung e.V. - from this summer also at the Bad Berlin river.

On a donation basis. Bring along: a yoga or sports mat and a desire to exercise together in an urban oasis.