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Gustavo Dudamel with Mahler’s Fifth Symphony

Zubin Mehta interprets Mahler's Fifth Symphony and at the same time commemorates the opening of the Philharmonie 60 years ago. Zubin Mehta conducts one of Gustav Mahler’s most popular works: his Fifth Symphony. It became famous above all for its gentle Adagietto – a musical declaration of love to his wife Alma.

The movement forms the resting point of the symphony, which takes us through very ambivalent emotional worlds: grief, longing, grotesquerie, and triumph.

The programme also includes a new work by Milica Djordjević, winner of the 2020 Claudio Abbado Composition Prize.

To start off, we celebrate the Philharmonie’s 60th birthday – with a fanfare by Boris Blacher written for the opening on 15 October 1963.

  • Boris Blacher - Fanfare for the Opening of the Philharmonic Hall
  • Milica Djordjević - New work (world premiere) Commissioned by the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation
  • Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 5

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