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Guided tours in Viktoriapark

Due to the great response in recent years, guided tours through the catacombs under the Schinkel monument on the Kreuzberg in the Viktoriapark will be carried out again in 2023. There are still tickets for the dates in September and October:

  • 09/15/2023 5:00 p.m
  • 05.10.2023 4.30 p.m
The tour offers an insight into the cathedral-like room of approx. 1500 m², which houses various sculptural works of art from old Berlin. Here you can see the original of the coin frieze by Johann Gottfried Schadow or the backup copies of the Quadriga from the Brandenburg Gate - without which a reconstruction of the gate after the war would not have been possible. The twelve "geniuses" or dedicatory figures that commemorate the victories over Napoleon can also be found in the Lapidarium - designed by Christian Daniel Rauch, Friedrich Tieck and Ludwig Wichmann.

Duration: approx. 2 hours.

Meeting Point: At the top of the mountain at the bottom of the stairs

Note: It is very cool in the catacombs even in summer. Clothing should therefore be chosen accordingly.

Tickets: €9.00 per person

Tickets can be purchased in the museum shop during opening hours. Limited ticket availability can be queried by calling 030-5058-5232. A telephone or written ticket reservation is not possible.

(Program in German)
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