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Simply imagine digitization and its consequences for society and the individual as a large country: a country that is already familiar in parts - but in which there is also still an infinite amount to discover!

Museum für Kommunikation
Museum für Kommunikation © Museum für Kommunikation, Foto Michael Erhart

The exhibition #neuland goes on a discovery tour: It shows actions and places of the digital in our everyday life and asks how a digital society can be shaped. So how do people want to communicate with each other? Who are the people behind the profiles I encounter on social networks? What is an optimal life? Where do they find new sources of knowledge and information? How does digitalization affect relationships and friendships?

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(Program in German)
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Price info: The tour is free of charge, the entrance fee to the museum is 6€ / reduced 3€.

Note: Participation is limited.
Museum für Kommunikation