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Fiction and Facts of the Dahlem Campus

Splitting the atom, the first atomic reactor,
the electron microscope – many inventions and findings which shaped history come from Dahlem.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Stadtführung Dahlem: Lassen Sie sich keinen Bären aufbinden!
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The first modern research campus was created here, outside the city gates on a greenfield site, in 1912 with the institutes of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society, predecessor of the Max Planck Society. Many Nobel Prize Winners and well-known researchers worked or lived in Dahlem, including Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn, Werner Heisenberg and Albert Einstein. Their work is affecting us to the present day.With its large number of old and modern research buildings, Dahlem offers an insight into the history of science throughout the 20th century.

The Dahlem tours offer an opportunity to discover exciting stories about the campus, its architecture and its researchers: either as part of guided tours of the city or on your own using the DahlemTour app.

The interactive tour “Don’t Be Led up the Garden Path!” (in German) asks the audience to decide whether some incredible anecdotes from science are fact or fake news. Dahlem’s researchers are presented from a different angle, as treasure seekers or eco-farmers.

Guided Tour in German

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