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Tour | General Idea

On the occasion of the last day of the General Idea retrospective, curator Zippora Elders will give a final tour through the exhibition.

Already in the early age of media theory, General Idea had a deep and imaginative understanding of mass media. They infected the art world and its narratives through appropriation, mockery and humour. With literary eloquence and knowledge of various disciplines and media, they challenged notions of authorship and copyright. In this way, the trio has built a lasting legacy for contemporary art and generations to come. The guided tour introduces the audience to the exhibited works of General Idea at the Gropius Bau. Zippora Elders will share on the background and the making of the comprehensive retrospective and elaborate on several works.
Additional information
Meeting point: Gropius Bau, ground floor

Price info: The guided tour is free. However, you need an exhibition ticket (9/6€) to take part.