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courtly dances and magnificent costumes - holiday workshop for children from 7 to 12 years

To be a prince or princess for once - who wouldn't want that? The dream comes true at the holiday workshop in Charlottenburg Palace: the children stroll through the magnificent rooms in sumptuous clothes and dance a minuet in the ballroom.

To do this, they practice simple dance steps step by step to pieces of music from the 18th century, which were specially recorded by the Berlin Residence Orchestra. Two museum educators supervise the event and impart interesting facts about the castle, the royal family and life at court.

The three-hour workshop is suitable for children aged 7 to 12. Costumes for girls and boys to be worn over their own clothes are available. Children should bring white or neutral long-sleeved tops (shirts or light sweaters) and tights to wear underneath, as it is chilly in the castle in February. A maximum of 12 children can participate. Registration is required.

Please note that the group mostly walks through the castle alone with the supervisors. Accompanying adults can purchase a regular ticket, visit the castle individually, and come to the ballroom at an agreed time, where the dance will be performed and there will be time for photos. In any case, the accompanying persons are asked to stay nearby and reachable by phone during the event.

With the support of the Berlin Residence Orchestra.
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Price: €12.00

Reduced price: €8.00