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Pupils of the Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium in cooperation with the Ostkreuz School for Photography

Pupils from the three art courses at the Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium were asked to take photographs of their everyday lives as young adults. They photographed what touched them and each found their own way of expressing it in a series of photographs. They were supported by their art teachers and lecturers at the Ostkreuz School of Photography.

“Look like this!” is usually what a person opposite says. You ask someone to change their gaze, i.e. to look differently than before. This often happens when taking photos. But what happens if you reverse this constellation? So it relates to the photographer? Then that means: look at the world differently! Change your everyday view of things, people, places, events that surround you! And that's where it gets interesting from a photographic point of view.
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