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In this two-day course, the participants make stools with a woven seat. There is a lot to learn about wood processing and also about the wickerwork!

Sat 01.07. + Sat 08.07. | 10 a.m. – 6 p.m

Greenwood crafting is the art of processing fresh, undried wood from deciduous trees into furniture and utensils. To make stools, we split the wood and shape it into legs and rungs on a carving bench with a drawknife. Then we assemble these parts into stool frames and finally weave the seats out of seaweed or corn straw. The participants can take the result of their craftsmanship home with them.

Greenwood Crafting is a beautiful and easy way to try out working with wood. Because unlike the much-used dried wood, green wood can be processed very easily and without large machines, noise and dust.

Course leader: Vincek Sykora
Participation from 13 years

course schedule:
day 1
·        Introduction
· Split pieces of wood from the trunk
· Bring the pieces of wood into the desired shape on the drawbench

day 2
· Drill peg holes
· Assemble individual parts
· Weave the seat
Additional information
Price: €150.00

Reduced price: €150.00