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improvised Music at Kühlspot Social Club

Two sets will provide improvised music in the Kühlspot Social Club this evening.

SET 1: 
Simon Rose: saxophone & Jonas Gerigk: double bass

Jonas Gerigk expands the sound spectrum of his acoustic double bass to create a wide variety of timbres on his instrument while Simon Rose uses his old baritone saxophone (low B flat) for its timbral and expressive potential. Partnered in sound they converge, diverge, expand, remain and shift building a rich new sound-world.

SET 2: Grgur Savic Solo

Grgur Savić is a Croatian-German experimental composer, saxophonist and contemporary musical improviser. His artistic research is focused on the development of contemporary and experimental repertoire based on the basics of extended instrumental techniques, and graphic compositions with a focus on new music technologies and experimental electronics.