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The biggest poetry slam in Kreuzberg! The inconspicuous entrance to CLUB GRETCHEN is located next to a car repair shop, behind a former gas station.

Here, in one of the most beautiful dance venues in the capital, POETRY SLAM is back as it was when it still had to be explained.
Before it moved into the country's theaters and cultural centers as a chic best-of version.

Rough, edgy, in a club atmosphere and always with that certain freak factor!

In October: Team Special!

Two (or more) slam poets perform a text together, complement each other and take turns.

Team slam is considered the supreme discipline in the German-speaking poetry slam scene.

This can be more theatrical, interactive, fun and energetic than anything you see on regular slam stages!

Moderation: the German-speaking champions in the team slam of 2021 & 2022, Ortwin Bader-Iskraut and Samson ("Wortwin & Slamson")