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The biggest poetry slam in Kreuzberg! Here is room for quiet poetry, loud entertainment, angry social criticism & omedy.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Gretchen Slam
© Kiezpoeten

Next to a garage, behind a former gas station, you will find the inconspicuous entrance to CLUB GRETCHEN. Here, in one of the most beautiful dance entertainment venues in the capital, POETRY SLAM is back the way it was when you had to explain it.
Before it moved into theaters and cultural houses of the country as a chic best-of variant.

Rough, edgy, in a club atmosphere and always with that certain freak factor!

At the Gretchen Slam, the best poetry slammers in the country compete against the Open List.
And open list means something else here: you can only register for a 6-minute slot at the box office.
If there are more than 3 registrations, we will draw lots - no matter if you are super famous and want to try out new material or if you have never been on stage before.

There's room here for quiet lyricism, loud entertainment, angry social criticism & ball-busting comedy.
Whether you're the weirdo lyricist next door or the next big thing.
Or just want to get something off your chest.
Clear the stage for the Gretchen Slam!

Language: German

Presented by the Kiezpoeten.

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