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Interesting facts about falconry and falconry hunting

If you would like to have a close-up look at birds of prey and learn interesting facts about falconry and hunting with birds of prey, you are in the right place this Sunday at Grunewald Hunting Lodge.

Kind mit einer Eule auf dem Arm
Kind mit einer Eule auf dem Arm © SPSG / Foto: Solvejg Kralik

Hunting with birds of prey has a tradition going back some 3,500 years. Since 2016, falconry has been included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. This hunting method came to Europe in the wake of the early migration of peoples. It reached its peak during the reign of Emperor Frederick II of the Hohenstaufen dynasty in the 13th century. He saw falconry as the ideal preliminary training for a ruler and wrote one of the most famous books about it. The first Prussian king cultivated hunting with falcons, as did Margrave Karl of Brandenburg-Ansbach, who owned the largest falconry farm in Europe in the 18th century. In Brühl in the Rhineland, the Falkenlust hunting lodge is a reminder of the hunting passion of Cologne's Elector and Archbishop Clemens August. Since the 19th century, falconry, which was reserved for the nobility, has declined sharply. Today, this form of hunting is still important at airports, where falcons are used to drive away flocks of birds that could otherwise become a danger to aircraft.

In Germany, falconry training includes a special falconry examination in addition to the regular hunter's examination. There are three large falconry associations representing about 2000 members. Only offspring are hunted.

Andrea Badouin, SPSG, has been practising falconry since 1991 and will introduce herself to the audience with her goshawk Thora. She will be supported by other falconers who will also provide insights into this special hunting method, which is based on a close relationship of trust between man and animal. The different hunting methods related to the birds will be presented. In the hunting equipment magazine, falconry equipment and utensils as well as pictures and literature on falconry can be admired.
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