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Gregor Gysi & Peter Altmaier: Missverstehen Sie mich richtig!

Germany's former environment and economics minister and head of the chancellery, Peter Altmaier, meets Gregor Gysi. The CDU man from Saarland gives the left-wing politician from Berlin exciting insights into his biography, insights and convictions at this meeting.

In its discussion format, the PALACE OF TRÄNEN presents two personalities who have something to say to each other. Different areas, professions and characters meet here. The spectators are live witnesses of this encounter, which entertains with quick wit and wit.

Enlightening insights and fundamental misunderstandings are guaranteed and offer the audience a bright Sunday far away from the sofa and the regulars' table, when it says again, freely adapted from Martin Buchholz: "Misunderstand me correctly!"

This show is only played in German.

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