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On the Easter weekend, you can expect not only the dreamlike backdrop of the spring-like museum village, but all kinds of interesting facts about sustainability for the whole family.

The puppet theater "Vom kleinen Volke" teaches children about the wonders of nature. At the Kinderkramerey, children can make things with sustainable materials. Bread is toasted over an open fire.

And, of course, young and old can paint Easter eggs together this year, or make seed bombs that make it easy to plant nature in the city, the garden or the flower pot.

But that's not all: The association Foodsharing e. V. will provide information about the distribution of surplus food to people in need. On a converted bicycle from Restlos Glücklich e.V., a delicious smoothie can be cycled. So let's get out into the green.

Fri - Mon | 04/15 - 04/18 | 10 am - 6 pm.

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Price info: up to 18 years free (incl. museum entrance)

Price: €6.00

Reduced price: €4.00