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The film "GREEN BORDER" by Agnieszka Holland, which received seven awards at this year's Venice Film Festival, will be released in Germany with a gala premiere on 30 January at the Delphi Filmpalast and a special screening at the Hackesche Höfe cinema on 1 February.

GREEN BORDER - The story

In 2021, lured by the promises of Belarusian dictator Lukashenko, Bashir and Amina and their Syrian family, like many other refugees, have booked a flight to Minsk to cross the green border to Poland and then to their relatives in Sweden. But the promise turns into a trap.
Together with thousands of others, the family is stuck in the swampy no-man's land between Poland and Belarus, driven back and forth by the border guards of both countries in the strictly cordoned-off restricted area, cut off from any help.

Here, on the edge of the immense Białowieża forests, the paths of different people's lives intersect.

Jan is a Polish border guard officer, he himself comes from the area, his wife is pregnant and they are building a house. The escalation at the border increasingly calls the certainties of his life into question.

Psychotherapist Julia has moved to eastern Poland after a personal tragedy in order to make a new life for herself in the seclusion of the borderland. Without having planned it, she becomes part of a group of activists who, despite the state ban, try to provide the refugees stuck in the woods with the basic necessities.
They meet Bashir and Amina, who are fighting for their family's survival every day.

In the midst of this unspoilt landscape on the green border, a drama unfolds between hope and despair, cynicism and humanity. It is impossible to look away. It is a matter of life and death.

(Original with subtitles)

Gala premiere on 30.01. at the Delphi Filmpalast at 7 pm

The evening will be framed by a greeting from Sophie Scheidt, Amnesty International and Sophia Eckert, legal policy advisor Terre des Hommes and a film discussion with director Agnieszka Holland, moderated by Meret Becker (actress, member of the German Film Academy).

Special screening on 01.02. in the Hackesche Höfe cinema at 19:30

The evening will be framed by a greeting from Dr Kamila Schöll-Mazurek, Polish Social Council e.V.
The film (OmU) will be followed by a discussion (in English) on the current situation at the EU's external borders with: Łukasz Tomaszewski, journalist and podcaster at "die Polenversteher", Anna Alboth, human rights activist, co-founder of "Grupa Ganica" and Jana Michael, Integration Commissioner of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
The event will be moderated by Katharina Nocun, a German-Polish publicist.