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Goose, the quintet from Norwalk, plays rock full of improvisation with fantastic and sprawling solos, fine

Songwriting and finely tuned interplay.

Combined, this results in a genre-bending rock sound characterized by head-twisting hooks, technical fireworks, and a chemistry only possible among longtime friends.

Rick Mitarotonda (vocals, guitar), Peter Anspach (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Trevor Weekz (bass), Ben Atkind
(drums) and Jeff Arevalo (vocals, percussion) started with their debut album "Moon Cabin" in 2016. Already in 2019 they toured to sold-out halls and conquered the big festivals.

2021's Shenanigans Nite Club debuted at number one on Billboard's Top New Artist Albums chart and, along with last year's release Dripfield, cemented their status as one of America's most exciting music acts.

At every concert, Goose develop new variants of their songs on stage, they take their time and a piece can sometimes be well over 15 minutes long. So it's no wonder that they put many live shows online. make available. But that is no comparison to experiencing Goose directly on stage, for example in Berlin in November.

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