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A friend of mine. He had done something, it wasn't successful, and then a huge lawsuit came from him, he was totally offended. And I thought, wait a minute, you just didn't succeed, you know? You can cry, you can get angry, you can do all kinds of things. But you're not entitled to it! It's just unsuccessful, but it's not wrong. Failure is not wrong, a failure is a failure. And injustice is something completely different.

Arno Declair
Arno Declair © Arno Declair

Additional information
by René Pollesch
Participating artists
René Pollesch (Regie)
Barbara Steiner (Bühne)
Tabea Braun (Kostüme)
Cornelia Gloth (Licht)
Bernd Isele (Dramaturgie)
Christine Groß
Astrid Meyerfeldt
Jeremy Mockridge
Sophie Rois
Katrin Wichmann
Deutsches Theater Berlin