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MXM (Mirella Brandi x Muep Etmo) and Guests

In the dance performance "A Good Story Badly Told," the Brazilian multimedia duo MXM combines film language with the live performance of two dancers and an opera singer to segment layers of reality. The boundaries between physical presence, virtual representation and audience imagination blur.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: A Good Story Badly Told

It is left to the visitors to form their own stories out of these choreographic narratives, distorted truths, invisible monsters and manipulations of thoughts.

The performance highlights the irreconcilable duality of today's world, which has been exacerbated by the creation of 'augmented reality' in recent years: Narratives are created by fragmenting reality into multiple layers and by the subjective perception of the audience - regardless of age, social status or cultural position. The audience's state of "confusion" in the performance allows them to reorder their perception of reality, imagination and virtuality.

The collective MXM is one of the long-time companions of Acker Stadt Palast: After several productions, the house has become their Berlin base and artistic home. For the dance performance "A Good Story Badly Told," Acker Stadt Palast acts as co-producer. The performance celebrates its world premiere during the anniversary festival and brings together five Brazilian:ins based in Berlin and São Paulo.
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Conception, Artistic Direction, Light Design & Images Mirella Brandi  Conception, Musical Direction & Sound Design Muep Etmo  Performance Pedro Galiza  Music & Performerance Katia Guedes  Choreography  Clébio Oliveira  Production management  Dora Leão
Schoko-Laden Mitte - Berlin
Schoko-Laden Mitte - Berlin