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Everyone dreams, and the performance installation “The Glow” explores the body as a treasure trove of these dreams. Inspired by the concept of social dreaming, the SEE! Collectively, the audience is invited to immerse themselves in a world characterized by the unconscious and imaginary. In this world, everyone can change, transform and turn into something or someone else.

The performers Anja Mueller and Clara Marie Müller move between the boundaries of dream and reality. Your dream images serve as a navigation aid to explore and map space. In a democratic stage space, they weave dream fragments from their own and others' experiences into a choreographic landscape.
They reflect each other, reinforce each other, merge and gather again.

Over time, they fill the room with a glowing light, accompanied by trance-like sounds produced live by Maria Wildeis.
The sound artist and DJ installs sensors in the room that convert the performers' movements into digital sounds and rhythmic beats. The space pulsates and changes continuously.

It's a world of glow!

The consciousness of the dreamer floats above everything. The stage space becomes a fragile but impressive place where it seems possible to free oneself from the ideologies of our reality. The audience is warmly invited to sit down on this imaginary carpet and let themselves fall into the space of their own unconscious for a moment.

"I dream of a mountain with water on it. Like a cap of snow on a roof in winter, there was a deep blue layer of water on the mountain. A kayaker was traveling in it."

(Language: German, English)

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