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Festive concert for organ and trumpet

After their acclaimed concerts, Daniel Schmahl (trumpet and corno da caccia) and Karolina Juodelytė, multiple international prize winner and the shooting star of the international organ scene, come to Berlin and Potsdam for two festive performances.

Contemplative sounds whisk the audience away from the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle in the imposing churches. For a while, the listeners can cast off the hustle and bustle of everyday life, devote themselves to the essentials and let the peaceful, joyful Advent atmosphere enter their hearts.

With full sound and much verve, Juodelytė and Schmahl approach the works, including classics such as the famous Concerto in C for trumpet and organ by Tomaso Albinoni, works by J.S.Bach, W.A. Mozart, P.I.Tchaikovsky and other composers.  In addition, the rarely performed Concerto by Georg Christoph Wagenseil for corno da caccia and organ will be performed.

A concert programme entirely in the style of the legendary trumpeters Maurice André and Ludwig Güttler - traditional and very festive!

On 2.12.2023 the programme will be performed in the St. Marien Church in Berlin, on 15.12.2023 in the Friedenskirche Potsdam Sanssouci.

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