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Verdi's famous composition will be performed in a major joint project by Cantorey Salzburg, Kantorei Marienfelde and Neues Chor Alt-Schöneberg.


Soloist(s), Cantorey Salzburg, Kantorei Marienfelde, Neuer Chor Alt-Schöneberg, Neues Konzertorchester Berlin, Conductor: Sebastian Brendel and David Menge.

When Giachino Rossini died in 1868, Giuseppe Verdi invited what he considered to be the twelve most important composers of his time to join him in setting the text of the Latin requiem, the Mass for the Dead, to music.

Due mainly to the inertia of his colleagues, nothing came of this project and even the last movement, the "Libera me", was forgotten until 1873, when the Italian national poet Alessandro Manzoni died and Verdi set the entire text to music in his honour.

Verdi thus created one of the most performed and popular settings of the ancient mass text to this day, which touches not only on individual mourning but also on the aspect of public mourning culture.

Verdi's composition will be performed in a large joint project of the Cantorey Salzburg, the Kantorei Marienfelde and the Neuer Chor Alt-Schöneberg.


  • Soprano - Stephanie Henke
  • mezzo-soprano - Judith Kamphues
  • tenor - Stephan Rügamer
  • Bass - Grigory Shkarupa

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