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It's a bit like David versus Goliath: Starting in May, Prime Time Theater's second new play this year tells the story of how Ellie, a popular neighborhood hairdresser from Weddingen, takes up the fight against "Megahair" - a gigacorporation that offers digital hairstyles via app.

Without staff, without nice conversations, but with head scanners and algorithms. She gets help from nerd Kevin: He hacks into the system of the digital hairdressing empire and paralyzes it. Megahair founder Robert then calls in private detective James Worthingbottom to track down the cyber adversary and render him harmless. Meanwhile, however, perms of a completely different kind develop between Ellie and Robert.

Will it come to the big washout?

(Program in German)
Participating artists
Noémi Dabrowski
Susanna Karina Bauer
Armin Sengenberger
Ryan Wichert
Sascha Vajnstajn