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The Tenth Expo Festival

A man dressed in a glam style manipulates twenty iron kettlebells. Dealing with the awkwardness forces his body into a new shape with every movement.

This play results in a fragile, ever-expanding composition implying effort and collapse. The piece challenges the historically hyper-masculine aura around the kettlebell and seeks an alternative poetics of labour.

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Additional information
Participating artists
Anna-Katharina Andrees (Produktion)
Tomasz Bajsarovicz (Bühnen Design)
Ute Classen (Produktion)
Frank Kraft (Hantel Coach)
Aleksandras Lempertas (Recherche Zusammenarbeit & Sound)
Darragh McLoughlin (Künstlerische Beratung)
Benjamin Richter (Künstlerische Beratung & Recherche Zusammenarbeit)
Cladio Stellato (Künstlerische Beratung)
Roman Škadra (Entwicklung & Performance)