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Accompanied by KlezStrings

This special concert is of immense importance to the maestro and ambassador of peace. Together with his new string ensemble "KlezStrings", the King of Klezmer wants to make a powerful statement through his music and in connection with the audience. This evening is intended to commemorate those who selflessly helped save Jewish fellow citizens during World War II. These "silent heroes" have achieved extraordinary things and embody values that are still urgently needed in the world today.

In close cooperation with the "Silent Heroes" memorial in Berlin, this concert serves as a message of peace and reconciliation, which Giora Feidman always spreads through his music.
The "Silent Heroes" memorial honors people of Jewish descent who opposed the Nazi regime and those who helped them do so. The supporters, known as "silent heroes", show that it was possible to help those who were persecuted.

"Silent Heroes" is also the title of a song from the upcoming album "Revolution of Love" which will be released in January 2024. Composed by Majid Montazer, this piece is Maestro Feidman's moving tribute to these extraordinary people. A highlight of the concert will be the first performance of "Silent Heroes" in front of the Berlin audience.

In the past, the "ambassador of reconciliation" has already been honored for his commitment to peace and his special services to international understanding. He received the International Bridge Prize for his contribution to reconciliation between peoples and wears the Grand Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in recognition of his commitment to reconciliation between Jews and Germans.

Maestro Feidman takes up his clarinet to share a message with people and let them share his inner voice through his music. "The clarinet is the microphone of my soul... and I was born to make music," says the multiple award winner of the Klassik-Echos.

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