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The 117th special exhibition at the Berlin Ceramics Museum will once again provide insight into the constantly growing KMB collection. Around 90% of the additions made during the Corona pandemic are donations from private sources.

In addition to high-quality individual pieces by important contemporary ceramic artists, some collection estates were also able to supplement the existing holdings.

A selection of 100 exhibits underline the multifaceted nature of the KMB collection, which pays particular attention to the German cultural area over the past 170 years.

Among others, the audience will encounter individual pieces by Wilhelm Albouts, Jan Bontjes van Beek, Hubert Griemert, Otto Lindig, Louise Harkort, Dieter Crumbiegel, Heidi Kippenberg, Marieke Schröder, Pit Arens, Walter Seidl, Andreas Fritsche, Jean von Rügen, Walter Popp, Christina Renker , Christa Koslitz, Gerald Weigel, Ursula Scheid and numerous other well-known and also lesser-known artists who lived and are living their ceramic dream.

In addition to series designs by Eva Stricker, Walter Magnussen, Hedwig Bollhagen and Walter Rhaue, we also find objects from manufactories that should not be missing from ceramic collections: e.g. B. Karlsruher Majolika, Margaretenhöhe pottery, Hamelner pottery and Velten-Vordamm stoneware factories.

A special object in the form of a rare stove for a dollhouse was purchased at the end of last year. This stove is almost identical in shape to one of the 16 exhibits that was shown in the German Bundestag's exhibition in spring 2023 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the International Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem.

Even though the manufacturer of this toy - presumably a southern German farmer's pottery - has not yet been identified, it now adorns the poster for this exhibition.
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Price: €4.00

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Reduced price info: Children up to 14 years free when accompanied by an adult