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For a long time, no post-punk band has raised as many expectations as the band around singer Cameron Winter, guitarist Gus Green, guitarist Foster Hudson, bassist Dom DiGesu and drummer Max Bassin. Suddenly they were the new big band everyone was waiting for. In June 2021 "Disco", their first single, was released and caused an unprecedented hype.

But with their second album "3D Country" they created a new aesthetic. The sound has become groovier. The lead single "Cowboy Nudes" represents this evolution. The band stumbled on the riff and hesitated to work on it for a year, fearing it would spoil the song's charm. "We wanted something aggressively simple and came out with this weird song, with a bongo solo in the middle," says singer Winter. "At least one person who loved our first album is going to hate us. It makes me nervous, but it also makes me laugh."

Geese are taking an adventurous, wild, unpredictable ride into their own future with the new record. "Projector" was the beginning, "3D Country" is the departure, and what comes next will never be the end.

Geese are coming to Berlin in September for an exclusive show.

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