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Light, flowing, dreamy. Powerful, epic, engaging. Ganes can be all that with their music.

GANES © Christoph Jorda

For over ten years, sisters Elisabeth and Marlene Schuen have been making music as Ganes. Together, the sisters grew up in La Val, an enchanted village in the South Tyrolean Dolomites. So far away from shimmering metropolises, so close to the wild, primal openness of nature. The big world was in the small. Since 2018, bassist Natalie Plöger has been on stage with the two South Tyroleans.

The arrangements of the trio are feather-light and beautiful, the voices of the three musicians complement each other perfectly. Ganes sings in Ladin - which listeners understand with their hearts. "Or brüm", the "blue gold", means the water, the clear essence of life. A new, acoustic dream journey with Ganes.

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