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This year, in addition to the traditional date in May, there is a second Gallery Weekend in Berlin, linked to the Berlin Art Week.Gallery Weekend *Discoveries launches an exhibition series that connects the participating galleries under an annually changing thematic premise.

Installation view, Raimund Girke at Kewenig Gallery
Installation view, Raimund Girke at Kewenig Gallery © Gallery Weekend Berlin 2020, Photo: Stefan Korte

This fall, many of the participating galleries are placing a special focus on new discoveries: Artists who have not previously exhibited in the galleries and are being presented here to a wider public for the first time, whether in solo or group exhibitions.

Gallery Weekend Berlin was founded in 2005 as a private initiative by Berlin galleries and soon became one of the highlights of the international art calendar. The weekend celebrates galleries and artists within this unique format providing high-calibre exhibitions and an unparalleled experience of Berlin.

Every year during springtime, around 50 galleries open their exhibitions by young and established artists and welcome numerous visitors from all over the world to Berlin.

More than ever, Gallery Weekend is characterised by a strong sense of community and the close collaboration among Berlin galleries, strengthening Berlin’s status as a city of galleries, dedicated to the unwavering support of its artists.
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Opening hours: May 1-2, 12am-19pm