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How can the future be understood and learned, how can one participate in shaping it? Future research offers a wide range of opportunities for this, which are now indispensable in the areas of education and school.

The educational materials of the Futurium serve as a basis and show how the topic can be introduced in schools.

core competencies
  • creativity techniques
  • Methods of future research
  • Suggestions for use in the classroom
  • Overview of the Futurium's online educational offerings
What are megatrends, what are trends, what exactly is a scenario and why is it important to bring "future" into schools?

These and other questions will be answered in the training. It is conveyed how the materials and offers can be used in the educational sector.

This advanced training builds on the basic advanced training “Bring futures to school”. Click here for the digital offer for teachers.

As an alternative to this further training in the Futurium, we also offer the option of online training. Click here for our online futures research workshop for teachers.

When booking your place, please indicate the school or institution you work for.

  • Venue: On-site event in the workshop area of the Futurium Lab
  • Admission is free.
  • Event language: German
Conditions of participation: for teachers and multipliers

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