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The Ensemble Klangschmelze plays Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's piano quartets from 1788.

That it was not always easy for a composer of the 18th century to remain true to himself compositionally, aesthetically and formally and at the same time to meet the demands placed on a court musician in the service of a prince is shown in a note by Bach: "Because I have had to make my works for certain persons and for the public, I have always been more bound by this than by the few pieces which I have made merely for myself". (Self-biography in Carl Burney's Tagebuch seiner musikalischen Reisen vol.3, Hamburg 1773).

Here we see the tension between his own artistic aspirations on the one hand and the necessity of earning a living on the other, where consideration had to be given to the tastes of "certain people", including Frederick the Great, whom Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach served for thirty years as "chamber harpsichordist" at the Berlin court. While a considerable number of C.Ph.E. Bach's works were widely performed, the piano quartets of 1788 remained known only to a handful of music lovers and musicians. These included Joseph Haydn, who owned the scores of Wq 93 & Wq 94. It was not until 1952 that the works were printed in "modern" music typography. In their strangeness, originality, uncompromisingness and vision of the future, the three piano quartets are above all one thing: works that show us the "private" Bach. Just as if he had wanted to tell us: Now I compose for myself.

Ensemble Klangschmelze

  • Corina Golomoz, viola
  • Leonard Schelb, transverse flute
  • Ricardo Magnus, fortepiano
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Price: €14.00

Reduced price: €8.00

Booking: Advance booking of tickets: Tel.: 030.25481178 or kasse@mimpk.del