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Hysterical globe feeling

The performance collective Hysterisches Globusfühl delves into the depths of humor with their latest work. Because laughter connects, laughter liberates, laughter hurts, laughter excludes, laughter shatters power and authority. Laughter is a weapon, a remedy and a reflex.

The audience is invited to a humorous discussion with jokes, based on the motto: Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog, nobody finds it funny and in the end the frog is dead... but it was still a fun thing*.

Together, spectators and performers go in search of pure and liberated fun, a utopian place where no one is unable to laugh and everyone has an equal amount to laugh about. Playing with expectations, nothing less than the impossible is attempted: the ultimate best joke of all time, at which everyone laughs truly and wholeheartedly.

*except for the frog

(Program in German)

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