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large-format “filler paintings” by Axel Neumann

Three weeks of darkness, silence and isolation. Artist Axel Neumann got involved in this borderline scenario in 1992. The sensory deprivation triggered a flood of internal images that burned into his memory like photographs. Since then, he has been tirelessly transferring these details onto paper. He can only achieve this with a special technique using the cartridge fountain pen and acrylic paint.

The title of the exhibition honors the artist's unusual working tools. His large-format works of art consist exclusively of pen strokes 1-2 mm long. In months of meticulous painting processes, the artist combines the countless strokes to create huge, bright worlds of color.

In the exhibition “Füller:Magie” his works can be experienced in full color, in formats of up to 2 x 4 meters.

In the evening the art is illuminated.