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Slawomir Mrozek

A fox who, in order to ensure his survival in a broken environment, acts as a helper to those who cause the destruction; who wants to break out of the chain of killing and being killed and strives for development and advancement, but is guided by a failing ideal; who, in order to achieve his goal, cleverly and mercilessly exploits the weakness and seduction of his fellow creatures.

In the absurd-comic scene cycle, which premiered in 1977, Poland's best-known and world-renowned satirist and playwright confronts his fabulous character with circumstances and complications that seem more relevant today than ever.
Participating artists
Daniel Ahl
Bea Füllkrug
Christian Karbe
Wolf-Rainer Pietsch
Renate Scheurle
Conny Schmutzler
Christian Schweer
Ines Weymar
Philipp Kaufmann
Thilo Bäß