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Fairy tale - really grim!

Frog Prince

Froschkönig Daniel Wetzel

The light at the bottom of the well is perhaps the moon? And PLATCH! There it is already fallen into the well: No, not the child, just his favorite toy. Happens. But who the hell is this funny frog who promises to bring it back up? What does he think he's doing, stalking the girl - based on a childish white lie - into her home? To sit at his table, to eat from his plate and even to sleep with him in his bed? Hello, are you still there?

The father coldly dictates to his daughter: "What you have promised, you have to keep! Not so with us" With us no frogs are kissed, only because they claim to be enchanted princes! Because who says A, must GAR NOTHING! Our princess knows how to defend herself in a bigoted adult world and the frog ends up exactly where it belongs: on the wall: PLATCH!

(Bringing parents to this fairy tale is at your own risk).

Sleeping Beauty

To be a child again. Isn't that what everyone wishes for? To let go once again, to follow one's inner play instinct and also to be allowed to simply ask naive questions: This is something that few adults are allowed to do. Yet it is the infantile playfulness and creativity of a child from which we adults can learn the most, and which are deeply rooted in each of us. Being a child is not a phase of life, but a part of being human. It slumbers in you, too, and is just waiting to be kissed awake from its Sleeping Beauty slumber. So that the playing will never end!

The performance is suitable from 4 years

(Program in German)
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Pfefferberg - Glaspalast