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Die Kult-Sauerländerin

Nimble as a weasel, excited as a hen, shy as a brown hare: Frieda Braun has many faces. Her stories are teeming with gruff characters who could have sprung from the Miss Marple films with Margret Rutherford. Eleven quirky women make up Frieda's legendary "splinter group".

After a short time, you think you know them personally - as do the male protagonists, such as the hypochondriac Bruno or Wilbrecht, the senior bachelor. Sometimes Frieda hits the mark with clear words, sometimes she takes such curious detours that she seems to lose the thread. Either way, hardly a minute goes by without the audience laughing.

Come with us into the world of Frieda Braun.

Here, people go crazy in a traffic circle, gargle on the Internet or smack their lips in a silence seminar. But whatever she tells you, you will hardly be able to keep yourself on the chair with laughter.

This show is only played in German.

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