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The dulcian (traceable from 1540) is often used as a bass instrument in 16th and 17th century music. However, the 5-part consort is rarely heard. This project aims to remedy this deficiency.

Members Nora Hansen, Monika Fischalek, Claudius Kamp, Elisabeth Kaufhold, and Adrian Rovatkay are recognized specialists in historical bassoon instruments and are each proficient in other wind instruments, which are used as additional timbres.

Double Reed Tales - Dulcian Ensemble and Laura Robles - Percussion.

Sadness and Joy of Life At some times, a "dark veil" covers a cultural era. Such a "melancholic phase" existed in England in the 16th century. One of the most famous songs of this time, "Flow my tears" by John Dowland, was worked into his "7 Pavans or 7 Teares" (1604), of which we present 2 in our program.

Together with sadness, however, the longing for joie de vivre always appears as an "emotional partner": a measured pavane of the 16th century is usually accompanied by a lively galliard. The oscillation between the feelings "sky high - saddened to death" forms a delightful contrast for an extremely varied concert evening.

Laura Robles
The Peruvian percussionist Laura Robles contributes her own composition and accompanies and counterpoints the early music with rhythmic patterns that have continued from the 15th century from the Latin American region into European music. These also form the basis for improvisations with the ensemble.

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