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Blues and Boogie live

The FRANK MUSCHALLE TRIO with Frank Muschalle (piano), Dirk Engelmeyer (drums/vocals) and Matthias Klüter (double bass) has been touring for over 25 years.

Swinging blues and boogie woogie, rolling basses, a tirillating treble and a pulsating rhythm, sometimes crisp, sometimes soft and always swinging, that's what the Frank Muschalle Trio stands for.

And on this evening, both original compositions and interpretations of classics of the genre such as "Boogie Woogie Stomp", "Sheik Of Araby" or "Just For You" will be heard.

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Beginn 20:00 Uhr | Aufgang A | Saal | Eintritt  15 € | Mitglieder,
Schwerbeschädigte (GdB 80) 10 €, Berlinpass 3 €



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Barrierefrei und Aufzug im Aufgang A