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The new album "Dark Rainbow" by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes surprises with the first released single. The track "Man Of The Hour" doesn't offer the expected punk rock volume and speed. In the ballad-like piece, Carter sings with unusual emotion: "Are you waiting for who you think I am?" and answers himself with "You want who you heard about, you want all the acting out."

This track strikes a new note for Frank Carter, who brought brutal punk back with his first band, the Gallows, and expanded it in different directions with Dean Richardson on the last Rattlesnakes albums. It seems as if the Rattlesnakes now want to take a step back and think about themselves, their masculinity and their impact.

The next singles will show which direction the music is going. When "Dark Rainbow" is released in its entirety, there will certainly be songs that are faster and more aggressive. And when they perform, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes always give it their all, with obligatory mosh pits and an energetic performance. They are a wild rock 'n' roll band with a good heart that loves doing what they do. That will be the case again when Carter and his band go on tour and visit Berlin in February.

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