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The Kunst Etagen Pankow (KEP) brings together artists from the fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, music, photography/film, fashion and crafts in an artists' association under the roof of a historic building in what is now the studio house on the Prenzlauer Promenade.

The exhibition provides insights into the work of the artists, most of whom have their studios in the striking six-story GDR prefabricated building, which is largely in its original state. New artistic works are presented in the GDR prefabricated building time capsule, which has been preserved for more than three decades.

They called the OPEN ATELIERS 2023 fragile because it describes their situation of the studios and working conditions well. As before, it will be a showcase of the artists from the KEP group (KunstEtagenPankow) and at the same time a sign of how FRAGIL the studio situation is currently for all KEP artists.

The artists’ rental contracts expire at the end of this year. Despite the most intensive efforts and discussions with the Cultural Senate, there has so far been no extension or consideration of the artist group, which has already had to leave its location several times.