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Solo exhibition by Justin Urbach

The solo exhibition at Galerie max goelitz presents Justin Urbach's work Fractal Breeze, a three-channel video installation that thematises transformation processes in the digital age as a fragmentary science fiction narrative.

For Justin Urbach's (*1995 in Munich, DE) first presentation at max goelitz in Berlin, the award-winning diploma thesis is supplemented by 3D-printed sculptures and embedded in a new exhibition context.

In Fractal Breeze, a metafictional representation of our technological future is shown, in which two characters move on the borders of virtuality and reality.

The starting point is the raw material silicon, which is used in the production of microchips and which the artist reflects on in its many stages of production. In the form of wafers, thin reflective information carriers, silicon in Fractal Breeze enables the crossing over into a hybrid world in which virtual spheres increasingly materialise and the characters experience a new physicality.

  • Opening: Friday, 7 July (18-21h)

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Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 7pm
Saturday: 11am - 4pm