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Two people seem to have spent their whole lives in an deserted, uninhabitable place. They have a miserable home consisting of a chair, a carpet chair, a carpet, a pile of clothes and a shower.

Deutsches Theater Aussenansicht
Deutsches Theater Aussenansicht © Arno Declair

This is their pride and joy, this is what they have to preserve. At the same time they seem restless and eager for change.

A third person joins them - and never leaves: saviour or intruder? Projection surface and provocateur. The mysterious newcomer endangers the old system, the unknown. Other endangers traditional rituals. The two are challenged and thrown back on themselves. Hold on or let go, commit or open up, be alone or dependent? No hold anywhere.

The Four Last Things is the third play by the Belgian-Dutch duo Danish Blue (Babette Engels & Jordy Vogelzang) and is directed by Adrian Linz for its German-language premiere. An apocalyptic chamber play about measures for a homely arrangement in space and time, the question of the "I" in the "you" as well as the search for the the forger of fortune.

(Program in German)
Additional information
by Danish BlueDirector: Adrian Linz
Participating artists
Adrian Linz (Regie)
Hannah Krauß (Bühne)
Maja Svartåker (Kostüme)
Lenny Mockridge (Musik)
David Heiligers (Dramaturgie)
Heiko Thomas (Licht)
Caner Sunar
Peter René Lüdicke
Birgit Unterweger
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Box und Bar
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Box und Bar